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Innovation in Home Care Packages

Innovation in aged care services is now becoming an essential part of our service delivery and system.

Innovation is about, “Creating New Value” for the consumer and is based on working closely with them to identify their needs. A focus on innovation can shift organisations into new ways of meeting consumer needs that are cost effective, sustainable and focused on maintaining older people’s independence.

Being the same and being compliant with legislation and the guidelines is now the mantra of the past. The Aged Care Reform agenda of deregulation and increased competition requires providers to do all of that but to also be different and to be at the cutting edge of service delivery.

Innovation takes time. If you start now to build capability and systems it is at least a two year journey.

Barriers to innovation include:

  • It is just “too hard”
  • No significant incentives; no-one is offering to fund new ideas
  • Great ideas have been developed and failed
  • No systems and processes in place for innovation
  • Organisational resistance to any more change
  • No real innovation skills
  • No resources allocated for innovation.

4 steps to get started with innovation

  1. Put innovation on the agenda
  2. Build a formal innovation system
  3. Build innovation skills
  4. Build an innovation culture.

The Leading Innovation webinar for senior executives provides more detail on the 4 steps to get started. For a recording of this webinar, CLICK HERE

Portability Conference 31 March 2017 – Innovation Workshop – Day Two

Innovation Workshop - Day Two - Outputs (433 downloads)

Please contact Dale at if you have questions, or would like to know more about innovation systems for their organisation.








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