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Home Care Today is your resource hub for new ideas and choices in home care.

It is a national service that aims to support both consumers and Home Care Package providers to make the most of the implementation of consumer direction in home care packages.

Home CareToday supports consumers accessing home care by providing information, resources and peer supports that focus on providing the tools to make the most of the benefits and opportunities of CDC.

To providers Home CareToday offers a range of tools, resources, webinars, workshops and learning modules that will assist them to implement CDC across their organisations.

Consumer Directed Care

Older people have managed their own lives for a lifetime and want to continue to do this when they need the support of aged care services.

Recent aged care reforms have recognised this with the consumer directed approach in delivering Home Care Packages being rolled out across the sector.

Under consumer-direction the people getting the service take the decision on what mix of assistance and supports best fit their way of living.

Since 1st July 2015 all Home Care Packages are delivered using the Consumer Directed Care approach.

Project Governance

Home Care Today is funded by the Department of Social Services.  The work is led by COTA Australia which has been funded to manage two separate projects:

  • The Controlling My Own Life: Making the Most of CDC focussing on supporting consumers.  This is being delivered in collaboration with other consumer advocacy bodies and early adopter aged care providers who trialled CDC packages.
  • The Consumer Directed Care Capacity Building Service which is being delivered in partnership with peak bodies Aged and Community Services Australia and Leading Age Services Australia.

These projects are closely aligned and serve the two groups at the centre of the shift to CDC. Additional funding has extended the project to 2017, therefore COTA is approaching the work holistically to provide an overarching framework within which requirements of the individual projects are addressed.

Home CareToday is guided by a Steering Committee which includes members from:

Project Consultation Groups representing providers and consumers are providing guidance and input to the project development.

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