Here you will find information and resources that will help you or your representative to understand how home care packages work when they are provided using a Consumer Directed Care (CDC) approach. Home Care Today supports you as you work out what to expect, what choices you have and how you can make decisions about your Home Care Package.

Five steps to access a Home Care Package

The Department of Social Services produced the booklet Five steps to accessing a Home Care Package: a clear, step by step guide for consumers and carers.  The booklet details how to access support services in the home, through a coordinated Home Care Package.

Step 1: Check your eligibility

Step 2: Find a Home Care Package provider

Step 3: Work out the costs

Step 4: Accept a Home Care Package

Step 5: Begin your services

If you would like to order hard­copies of the publication the details are as follows:

National Mail and Marketing • Phone ­ 1300 131 616 •

Publication number: DSS1631.06.15

Publication title: Five steps to accessing a Home Care Package

You are able to ring or use the online order form to request free of charge copies.

Your Guide to New Choices in Home Care

Home Care Today’s booklet Your Guide to New Choices in Home Care is no longer in print, as it has been replaced by Five steps to accessing a Home Care Package, but it is still available for download below.

Audio Version in English


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