A Journey of Change

A Journey of Change


In 2013, the Australian Vietnamese Women’s Association (AVWA) underwent a WIN Review to determine aged care reform readiness. The review identified three recommendations.

  1.        Board governance training
  2.        Organisational review to explore opportunities
  3.        Risk management planning.

In 2014, Change Factory was engaged to help AVWA act on the recommendations.

AVWA is a not for profit organisation, that assists the Vietnamese community in the areas of aged care (home care), RTO training, health and wellbeing, family and youth support, drug and alcohol counseling and prisoner support services.

What We Did

Change Factory worked with AVWA’s CEO Cam Nguyen to develop a programme that not only achieved the required WIN outcomes, but also provided skills and tools to sustain change.

The organisational review began with a situational analysis and strategy workshops. Change Factory helped AVWA create their ‘strategy on a page’. A staff survey was conducted to gauge workplace satisfaction and internal capability and capacity. By engaging managers of all client service areas and projects, we ensured the right level of detail, kept the tasks real and received essential buy-in across the organisation.

Next came the operational planning workshop, where we prioritised the tasks from the strategy on a page, wrote outcome statements and defined measures and budgets. Together we created a RACI map for each task defining who is responsible, accountable and who needs to be consulted and informed. An overview spreadsheet provides the CEO with a big picture calendar view of all tasks. AVWA used the workshop to develop an operating plan not just for aged care, but for some other services as well, enabling the skills and planning tool to be used across the organisation.

Two days of board training covered the practical functions of board leadership, risk management, strategy development and workforce planning. Succession planning was addressed and a skills gap analysis conducted. This has enabled AVWA to improve their governance knowledge and competence.

AVWA does not have a dedicated marketing specialist, so through marketing workshops Change Factory was able to teach AVWA managers how to create a marketing plan for aged care and several of their other services. From audience and competitor analysis, to positioning and life cycle tactics, we devised messages and calls to action for each service.  Change Factory supplied marketing templates, checklists and a marketing calendar to track overall progress.

Change Factory trained AVWA managers and board members on managing risk. Change Factory wrote a risk policy, a risk management plan and provided a risk register to capture and track risk treatment.

Change factory 2    change factory 1

The Outcomes

  • AVWA have a clear strategic direction and knowledge to create future strategy.
  • The board is more informed and capable of leading the organisation and working with the CEO.
  • AVWA can report on strategy, operational planning, marketing and risk management.
  • Knowledge, tools and templates to create positive future change.
  • The operational plan to implement the strategy is underway.

“In June 2004, in the words of a local MP, “AVWA joined the millionaires club”, eleven years later, our income has crossed the $4 million mark. We would expect the WIN project implemented in consultation with Change Factory would position our organisation solidly for the next phase of development, with at least 30% more clients and $2 million more income by 2019”.  Cam Nguyen, founder and current CEO of AVWA

What’s Next?

Change Factory continues to work with AVWA to coach and help implement their strategy.

AVWA will work on its CDC business model and dashboard and develop its future plans for residential aged care for the Vietnamese community.



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