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The project was funded in 2013 by the then Department of Health and Ageing to help consumers and providers of Home Care Packages understand and implement Consumer Directed Care. We continued this support and advice through the subsequent rollout of further aged care reform in home care.

Home Care Today has become the ‘One Stop Shop’ for consumers and providers with questions about Consumer Directed Care and Home Care Packages.  Our expert team has developed many resources which are freely available from our website. We have conducted workshops and webinars on a broad range of topics, all of which were very popular and well attended. Our website contains all of our invaluable resources such as practice tools, videos, training modules, webinar recordings and plenty of consumer-focused information.  Our more than 3000 registered members and other website users have often commented on how helpful and informative our website, webinars and workshops have been for them.

Some time after the project comes to an end, the stand alone Home Care Today website will be closed. We know you value the resources, so we will ensure that all the resources from Home Care Today will remain available on COTA Australia’s website. When this transfer happens, in a couple of months, www.homecaretoday.org.au will redirect to a new page, with information and resources available to you within www.cota.org.au

Current email and phone contacts for Home Care Today will be monitored periodically by COTA Australia staff until July 31st.

COTA Australia and the Home Care Today team would like to thank everyone involved in the project over the last four years and hope that consumers and providers have benefited from the information provided.  

So, we say farewell and wish you all the best for the future!

Home Care Package Providers and other Aged Care Professionals

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Home Care Today is a national service that aims to support both consumers and home care providers to work together to implement
Consumer Directed Care in Home Care Packages.

Home Care Today is funded by the Australian Government Department of Health


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