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Consumer’s views of quality in Home Care Packages

Drawing on information we have about consumer’s current experiences of CDC in Home Care Packages, and their thoughts about what constitutes quality, this paper provides a range of consumers views that can help providers to reflect on their current delivery of CDC and how consumers may view quality in their services.

Consumer Views on Quality in Home Care Packages (545 downloads)

What do choice and quality mean in home care by Peter Scutt

In this presentation, Peter Scutt from Better Caring outlines his perspectives on what choice and quality mean in home care, and how peer-to-peer marketplaces may be able to respond in a climate of increasing choice in home care.

Quality, Choice, Standards - Better Caring Perspectives (454 downloads)

Consumer Directed Care and the Home Care Standards: Where can it take you?

The Quality Agency and Home Care Today have received overwhelming feedback from industry wanting more information and education on Consumer Directed Care (CDC) and how it supports performance against the Home Care Standards.

So the Quality Agency and Home Care Today have teamed up to develop and deliver a national roadshow of one-day practical forums on Consumer Directed Care and the Home Care Standards – Where can it take you?

The forums will look at consumer directed care in the context of the Home Care Standards and help you envisage systems and processes that facilitate innovative and quality focused consumer directed care. Together, we will explore good practice and provide you with a range of tools and resources to support your service and consumers. The forum will help you develop your own action plan for innovation and continuous improvement to foster consumer quality of life, wellness and enablement.

For more information and to register for the forum in your State or Territory, go to the Quality Agency website:

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What is quality going to look like for Consumer Directed Care in a deregulated market?

KPMG - Formative Evaluation of the Home Care Packages Programme detailed findings (210 downloads) KPMG - Applicability of CDC Principles in Residential Aged Care Homes (277 downloads)

The Formative evaluation of the Home Care Packages Programme (KPMB, 2015) highlights that consumers are wanting more choice, however consumers also said that  “we don’t now what we don’t know”. This means that providers are critical to enabling more choice for the consumer. Evidence to date indicates that high quality services are largely dependant on a genuine partnership being established between the consumer and provider.

From February 2017 consumers will have an increased capacity to move from their current provider to another. Packages will go with the consumer and they will be able to select a new provider. This means that providers will have an increased opportunity to win business if they can persuade consumers to sign up with them.

A few statistics from 2014 show:

  • 30% of consumers require a package for less than 6 months.
  • That the average length of stay in a package is 94 weeks.
  • Less than a quarter (22.8%) are on packages between 2 to 5 years.
  • Turnover in Home Care Packages  per year is between 30 to 40% (Sources: Aged Care Financing Authority,2015 and AIHW, 2014)

These statistics indicate that within a period of 3 years up to 80% to 90% of clients will be new clients. They will be choosing the providers that will meet their needs and will be choosing based on a variety of reasons with an increased focus on good value for money.

Hence, customer service, marketing, innovation and workforce development will be critical to you keeping your clients/consumers and even more importantly attracting new business.

Throughout 2016 your efforts to improve customer service, to have a strategy for marketing, some ideas about innovation and to have a workforce strategy will be critical to being competitive in an environment that will see an increase in nor for profit and for profit providers. Home Care Today, your peak organisations (ACSA and LASA) all offer resources and training that may meet your needs.

Go to the events page to find the learning opportunities available on these topics in 2016 from Home Care Today.

Consumer Directed Care: What’s in your response toolkit?

Consumer Directed Care and individualised funding can provide growth and diversification opportunity for services providers. However, there is an increased need for robust operational systems to create efficiencies and support providers in this new service delivery paradigm.

Standards and Performance Pathways (SPP) provides a unique online service for organisations to better manage risk, compliances and multiple sets quality and accreditation standards. SPP carries over 40 sets of community service and health standards which are cross-referenced, meaning organisations can address multiple sets of standards by completing single assessments, saving up to 80% of time previously spent on multiple standards’ assessments and compliances. Electronic action plans are generated from the completed assessments with resources provided to assist in addressing the actions, as well as assigning actions to selected personnel and scheduling action reminder emails. Organisation risks, compliances and plans can also be developed, recorded and tracked through SPP, with a range of partially populated register and planning templates ready to use, or organisations can create their own.

Management Support Online (MSO) assists with establishing foundational good practice and continuous improvement by providing online access to over 400 organisation development resources, including policy templates, information sheets, videos and other tools. With a focus on governance, management, operations, administration, and quality systems, utilising these resources means organisations don’t need to reinvent the wheel every time a new policy or guiding document needs to be put in place.

Find out more about MSO and SPP here, including how to access a free 2 week SPP trial, and view BNG NGO Services Online’s presentation on client directed care here.

Other resources on Quality

Australian Aged Care Quality Agency resources for Home Care Package providers:

A better life: valuing our later years

What can help older people with high support needs to improve their quality of life? This research rounds-up JRF’s A Better Life programme of work and presents a vision of what life can, and should, be like for all of us as we get older.

Widening choices for older people with high support needsResearch by the NDTi and Community Catalysts research funded by the  Joseph Rowntree Foundation in the UK.

Older people with high support needs want greater choice and control over their lives and a wider range of options.

This study identifies the benefits and potential of options based on mutuality (people supporting each other) and /or reciprocity (people contributing to individual and group well-being).

Getting Better Outcomes Personal Budgets and older people: follow up report, March 2015. Think Local Act Personal, UK.
The report draws on recent work of the Think Local Act Personal partnership to highlight what does and doesn’t work well for older people using personal budgets, recommends what can be done to improve practice and includes case studies from councils across England that are working to improve personal budget delivery.


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